Want to Know what People are Watching… “Better Call Saul”

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Digital Bucket says:

When Better Call Saul debuted on AMC (February 6, 2015) it broke cable viewing records. Becoming the most watched premiere in cable history, getting close to 7 million viewers, with 4.4 million among the coveted 18-49 demographic. The numbers get even loftier when DVR watchers are included, with a total viewer count reaching close to 10 million.

Any industry skeptics who thought Better Call Saul was  just getting a “coattail effect” because it debuted after the mid-season premiere of The Walking Dead, with its audience of 15.6 million viewers. They were forced to take notice, when the third episode of Better Call Saul, took the top spot in Mondays cable ratings. Sure the numbers are a bit more back to earth, with a combined 3.2 million viewers. But so far, early on, it’s a bona fide ratings success.

For those not up on the Better Call Saul legacy this article from Dan Snierson of Entertainment Weekly, might help you catch up.

And on the seventh day, he objected: Tonight at 10 p.m., America’s favorite fishy lawyer, Saul Goodman, will return to TV as AMC finally unveils the first episode of Better Call Saul, the Breaking Bad prequel centering on Bob Odenkirk’s breakout character. Set in 2002—well before the rise of meth lord Walter White (Bryan Cranston)—the show presents Goodman, whose real name is Jimmy McGill, as a hustling small-potatoes attorney whose career is a mess and whose soul is still up for grabs. The story of how Better Call Saul transformed from a joke on the Breaking Bad set into one of the year’s hotly anticipated shows can be read right here and in this week’s issue of EW. Before you sit down and lawyer up, closely read the fine print below, which contains all sorts of bonus quotes from the Saul cast and series co-creators Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould, among others.

It still might be a bit early to tell with the jury still out, but if these numbers hold up the AMC executives have to be thrilled.

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