Hollywood Is Losing The Battle To Epic TV — Like ‘Game of Thrones’

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We’ll get to the epic and wonderful Game of Thrones in a second, but first let’s get something straight. With Hollywood movie revenues down more than 5% in 2014, we here at Digital Bucket maintain that there are three very good reasons for the continuing plummet in receipts at the box office.  So here goes.

#1.) Increasingly unoriginal content: SIX of the top ten highest grossing films in 2014 were either sequels or direct derivatives of existing franchises. Hollywood movie moguls desperately fear risk.  And less risk taking has resulted in precious few fresh ideas in recent years, leaving little adventure for today’s more “mature” movie goers.

#2.) Home theater revolution:  Falling LED TV prices and affordable Dolby surround sound audio options have made staying home to watch your favorite flick - or TV series -more appealing than ever. As a result, fewer people are making the journey to the multiplex.

#3.) A renaissance in epic television programming: From AMC’s Breaking Bad to House of Cards on Netflix to FX’s Fargo, TV has never been better or more block-bustier. And at the top of this writer’s must-see TV list is HBO’s Game of Thrones. There is nothing else on television – or in theaters for that matter – that matches Game in terms of writing, acting and overall Hollywood blockbuster-lever production value. Having watched all four seasons TWICE, I can tell you there’s no one more excited to settle in,  at home, for season 5 of Game.

Bonus problem #4.) Character development in a typical Hollywood movie runs 90 to 120 minutes. It’s hard to get to know, much less fall in love with any character that quickly. The real beauty of epic TV like Game of Thrones is that your affection – or loathing – for characters builds over hours and hours of quality viewing time, leaving the audience deeply invested in the trials and tribulations of multiple characters across multiple story lines.  Which is exactly why it hurts so much more when a character you’ve grown to love is unexpectedly taken from you.  Yeah, I’m talking to you Season 3, episode 9.

Bottom line, Hollywood’s movie moguls better step it up and figure their future out fas  because they can’t rely on sequels and watered-down derivatives forever. Not in the age of epic TV.

By the way, f you haven’t watched Game of Thrones yet, take my word for it: Do. And for the rest of the Game of Thrones uber fans out there, as you prepare for the return of Game, here are the top 10 crazy things you can expect in Season 5 of the best show on TV.


After the incredibly intense finale of season 4, Game of Thrones’ fifth season is the most anticipated yet. With major cliffhangers set up for just about every major character, there’s a lot for season 5 to expect, especially when the trailer came out.

Takes a look at 10 crazy things to expect in Game of Thrones season 5.

Spoilers coming up, you have been warned!

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