People Spend More Time with Netflix Than Having Sex or Eating !

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Just how important has the streaming service become in peoples lives? According to a new research study conducted by The Diffusion Group, time spent watching Netflix has surpassed, eating, reading and even sex. The study finds people using the streaming service on average ninety minutes per day, with sex for two minutes and eating at seventy.

The two other activities that ranked higher were sleeping and working, coming in ranked at number four, Netflix is just behind all other leisure activities and far ahead of the twenty five minutes we spent on childcare. Not exactly sure what happens when you factor in watching and eating together or watching in the bedroom, but clearly its taken a lead in what people are doing with their viewing time.

Between 2012 and 2015, the use of Netflix streaming increased from 38% of US adult broadband users to 50%. If Netflix is cutting into the use of legacy pay-TV services, as some argue, it’s not obvious, as it declined only minimally, from 87% to 84%.

You can find a summary of the report at exstreamist.com

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