Here Are Four from across the Pond Worth Binging On

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If you enjoyed Boardwalk Empire, take a look Peaky Blinders. A British historical crime drama, starring Cillian Murphy, as a gangster operating in Birmingham, England, during the aftermath of World War I. It started airing on the BBC in 2013 has 12 episodes available on Netflix, with a third season commissioned.

The Wrong Mans is a BBC Television comedy drama series, co-produced by Hulu. It premiered on BBC 2 in September 2013 and in the United States 2013. Considered a critical and ratings success, it was co-created and written by Gavin & Stacey alumni James Corden and Mathew Baynton as an attempt to combine the situation comedy format with the intricate plotting and storytelling tropes of an action-adventure series. There are 10 episodes available on Hulu.

Please Like Me  an Australian television comedy drama, starring Josh Thomas, explores real issues with humorous tones can also be found in the United States, on Pivot. The show has attracted praise from critics and has garnered three awards and numerous nominations. The third season will begin on October 2015. The series premiered in February 2013 on ABC2 in Australia and 16 episodes can be found Amazon.

The Fall, starring Gillian Anderson and Jamie Dornanis a British BBC and Irish (RTE) crime drama, filmed and set in Northern Ireland. Anderson is Stella Gibson, the Metropolitan Police superintendent tasked with reviewing murder investigations that have remained active for longer than 28 days. When it becomes apparent a serial killer is on the loose, local detectives must work with Stella to find and capture Paul Spector, played by Jamie Dornan (Fifty Shades of Gray) as the seductive serial killer terrorizing independent young women in Belfast. The series now in its second season has 10 episodes available on Netflix.

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