‘Curb’ & ‘The Goldbergs’ Jeff Garlin Gets To the Heart Of It

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Digital Bucket says,

We learned to love him for affably dealing with Larry David’s manic antics on HBO’s Curb Your Enthusiasm and more recently as Murray Goldberg, the cranky Dad on ABC’s new comedy smash hit The Goldbergs.  But did you know that without Jeff Garlin there would likely never have been a Curb Your Enthuiasm in the first place?

In this must-listen addition of the Marc Maron podcast Garlin reveals that in 1999 he was invited to consult with his friend Larry David on creating a one-hour comedy special for HBO.  So Garlin pitched David on the idea that the special itself be nothing more than a disastrous narrative setting up the comedy hour, that in the end never happens. Larry’s response:  “How can I NOT do this?”  So they did. Garlin and David’s chemistry was so spot on from the start that Curb Your Enthusiasm was born.

And the rest is history.

Listen to the entire interview HERE.

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