Hulu Add’s Original Comedy to Streaming Mix

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So far in war of original streaming programing the major winners have been Netflix and Amazon. Together they have scooped up the majority of viewers and most of the awards and left Hulu and others far off in the distance.

Now Hulu jumps in with an original comedy, Difficult People, staring Julie Klauser and Billy Eichner, of Funny Or Die‘s Billy on the Street fame. The show features the pair as aspiring comedians, forced to work other jobs while pursuing their dreams. He’s an awful waiter, while she recaps and brutalizes TV programs, while failing to grasp why that might hurt her chances of landing a more satisfying day job. “I’m so funny when I write mean things about TV shows,” she says early on. “How come nobody’s hired me to write for one?”

Variety’s Brian Lowry writes:

“TV has reveled in such self-absorbed characters, but these two are so perfectly loathsome and oblivious to the feelings of others, it’s almost hard not to root for them. Consider it a half-hour that proves bad company, TV-wise, can be good fun.”

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It airs starting on August 5

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