‘Game’ Actors Stiffed At SAG Awards Sunday, But ‘Sansa’ Shines On

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Digital Bucket says,

The Screen Actors Guild Awards on Sunday night yielded few real surprises but it was still well worth a watch.

We’re big fans of Netflix’s House of Cards however when Kevin Spacey won the SAG Award for Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Drama Series but wasn’t present to accept it, there was a piece of me that wished the award had gone to Peter Dinklage for Game Of Thrones instead.

Of course I’m hardly objective when it comes to Game. As I’ve written before it just happens to be the best series on TV. Or maybe ever (just one man’s opinion)… See: Hollywood Is Losing The Battle to Epic TV – Like Game of Thrones

In fact, despite also being a huge fan of Downton Abbey, when the popular and soapy Masterpiece Theater drama also beat out Game of Thrones for the Best Ensemble in a Drama Series prize, I was once again vexed. I love Downton Abbey and have watched every episode, but c’mon you tell me which is more difficult;  delivering a great performance in a controlled, air-conditioned studio – or delivering an outstanding performance on location in the frozen tundra of Iceland?

Again, objectivity aside, you know I’m right. Which brings me to this latest little Game of Thrones news nugget. According to Stumble Upon, the lovely Sophie Turner who plays the cool-under-fire and rapidly maturing Sansa Stark on Game, will be taking over the role of psychic mutant Jean Grey in 2016’s X-Men: Apocalypse.

You can read all about it here.



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