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Flash is Dead, And You Tube Dealt The Killer Blow

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Digital Bucket says:

Adobe’s Flash player has had more than its fair share of problems. Among them, performance issues for OSX users, endless security vulnerabilities requiring a multitude of patches, Apple refusing to implement Flash on the iPhone, and Google ceasing its support for Flash on Android. In short, the curtain has been slowly closing on the much maligned Flash in recent years. It looks like the coffin just received its final nail. The Guardian has the skinny.

by Alex Hern, The Guardian:

Flash is dead, long live Fl– actually, no, scratch that, Flash really is dead and it deserved to die. Flash is terrible.

The killer blows to Adobe’s multimedia browser plugin were delivered this week in a one-two punch. Firstly, users of Flash were left open to not one but two “zero-day” vulnerabilities in the same week, affecting users of Chrome, Internet Explorer and Firefox. Almost immediately, hackers were able to abuse these flaws to dump malware on Windows PCs, which led Mozilla to disable the plugin entirely until users had updated to a secure version.

Then on Tuesday, YouTube – the biggest provider of Flash video ever – announced that it would stop serving its videos using the plugin for anyone visiting the site in a modern browser.

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