‘American Idol’ Winner Files To Escape ‘Oppressive’ Contracts

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From the ‘Dreams Really Do Come True’ but ‘Be Careful What You Wish For‘ files we bring you this little ditty which proves the grass is always greener

from Hollywood Reporter: 

Phillip Phillips says he’s been “manipulated” and in a move with huge implications, he is seeking to void his recording, management and merchandising deals with 19 Entertainment.

For those who would give almost anything for a chance at superstardom, American Idolmight be the entertainment industry’s version of a Faustian bargain: Through 14 seasons, the very successful Fox show has exploited the fact that there are millions of singers who are willing to sign onerous deals for the chance to compete. But season 11 winner Phillip Phillips isn’t going to let the deals he made as a precursor to his fame go unchallenged.

On Jan. 22, Phillips lodged a bombshell petition with the California Labor Commissioner that asserts thatIdol producer 19 Entertainment and its affiliated companies have “manipulated” him into accepting jobs since he hit it big

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