Looking For Next Gone Girl? It Just May Be “The Girl On The Train”

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The Girl on the Train‘ by Britain’s Paula Hawkins, debuted this week at No. 1 on The Wall Street Journal best-seller list  for hardcovers and e-books combined. Not only is it flying off both the physical and e-shelves, it’s already landed a movie deal with DreamWorks.

“’The Girl on the Train’ has the potential to be extremely big,” said Kathy Schultenover, a bookseller and book-club coordinator at Nashville’s Parnassus Books.

Gone Girl has 7.6 million copies sold first in hardcover, then in paperback since its publication in June 2012 and has been a fixture on best seller lists.

Girl on the Train has a big hill to climb; Schultenover continues, “Exactly that big? I don’t know. It’s anybody’s guess.

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