Disney Eyeing Chris Pratt For Indiana Jones Revival

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Digital Bucket says,

Step in to the way back machine for a minute. Can you envision a young Harrison Ford playing Peter Quill in The Guardians of the Galaxy? …We knew ya could.

Now, the more important question is can you envision Chris Pratt playing the iconic Indiana Jones in a revamp of the classic blockbuster Spielberg-Luca series? …We knew ya could. So can Disney.

Deadline’s Mike Fleming, Jr. has the story:

by Mike Fleming, Jr.,

Here’s one from the helluva good idea department. Marvel offerings are soaring, and Star Wars  is being reinvigorated by director JJ Abrams. Now, Disney has just started to turn its attention to reviving the Indian Jones franchise after buying the rights from Paramount in 2013.

I’m cautioned that while things are very early, I hear the studio has set its sights on Chris Pratt as the swashbuckling archaeologist they hope to build the new franchise around, the role made famous by Harrison Ford in Raiders Of The Lost Ark. Pratt jumped to leading-man movie status with his performance in last year’s blockbuster Guardians Of The Galaxy for Marvel and Disney. He starts The Magnificent Seven with Denzel Washington and director Antoine Fuqua in April for MGM and Sony, and there’s the inevitable Guardians Of The Galaxy sequel.

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