DUH! ‘American Sniper’ Pulled From Baghdad’s Only Cinema

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Digital Bucket says:

Did anyone really think American Sniper would play well in Iraq? Well, it didn’t.  Sniper briefly played in Baghdad, the city that’s home to the $700 million American embassy (the most expensive and largest on earth).  However American Sniper was pulled from Baghdad’s only movie theater for… wait for it… dehumanizing Iraqis.

We have three words for the film’s distributor… know your audience.

from The Independent:

Clint Eastwood’s controversial film American Sniper may have broken box office records in the US, but it has not been received well by Iraqi audiences.

Due to objections from the minister of culture and a slew of rowdy screenings, the film – which follows the story of real-life Navy SEAL sniper Chris Kyle – has been pulled from Baghdad’s only cinema for “dehumanising Iraqis”.

“He told me the film insults Iraqis,” said cinemas manager Fares Hilal who withdrew the film to avoid fines and possible closure. “If we show it, we will be criticized. But if we don’t, we lose money.”

The six-screen cinema, which opened last year at Mansour Mall, is the first to offer Iraqis an American movie-going experience. Sarmad Moazzem, a security adviser at the cinema, was outraged by the US film’s inaccuracies and insensitive portrayal of Iraqi culture.

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