2015 Is The “Breakthrough Year” – Is “TV” Finally Just an App?!

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Digital Bucket says:

One of the original Over-The-Top video efangelists, Erik Huggers, believes he is finally being vindicated after over 20 years of pitching the idea of TV as an app.

from linked-In:

“Even though we are all amazed by the success of Netflix, Amazon and YouTube, its still early days. The next wave of innovation is happening as we move from general purpose SVOD platforms to more genre based SVOD verticals. Early cable programming pioneers like John Hendricks are betting big on that with projects like CuriosityStream. Add to that the increasingly video rich experience on social networks and communication platforms, and we have the making of a perfect storm.”

Why this matters:  Although Huggers seems to be stating OTT developments that have been pretty obvious for at least the last year, plus we have big concerns he fails to factor in old-school content platforms & funding that generated a huge foundation of what is currently streaming over OTT – Huggers is one of the original OTT guys and many of his observations deserve thoughtful consideration.

Read More of Huggers’ posting

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